100 Straight Days of Blogging   6 comments

It’s hard to believe, but today is my 100th straight day of blogging. My first blog post was on January 6th. The primary goal of my blog was to get my brain more focussed on photography with a purpose. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been shooting pictures for a very long time. I’m on my fifth or sixth camera now and I’m very comfortable with my tools, but I don’t often shoot with a specific goal in mind. Sure, I’ve done photo contests and photography classes, but outside of those I’ve always just shot where I was. As a result I have a lot of landscape photography and more photos of my kids than you can imagine.

The blog has brought more focus to my photography and also to the presentation of photography. The hardest thing I do every day is choose which photo to post, not because I’m worried about whether or not you will like it (though I do want to present pictures that people like to see), but because I want to put up pictures that I’m proud to put my name on. While there are pictures in the blog that are just what I wanted, more of them than I’d like to admit still need work, attention, and time, but I’ve had to call it done and move on to the next task. Ultimately this is an exercise in self-improvement which you so kindly drop by to share.

The unexpected reward of blogging was becoming a part of this vast WordPress blogging community. It’s a very supportive crowd. It’s a great little boost to my day every time someone takes a moment to click ‘like’ or leave a comment.

In recognition of my successfully achieving my ‘centipost’ ;-), I’m going to rescind a personal decision to not post old photos. I’ve been going through the back catalogue selecting photos for portfolios and have been updating some old shots. I’ve spent my formative digital photography years in Australia. So for the next little while I’m going to share some of my favourite shots from my life and travels throughout that glorious “Sunburned Country” that I still consider home.

This photo is after sunset in the Pinnacles Desert inside Nambung National Park in Western Australia. The park is 160km north of Perth and is well worth the drive and the overnight in Cervantes for anyone who finds themselves in Perth with even the slightest inclination to photography.


6 responses to “100 Straight Days of Blogging

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  1. Lovely shot from the outback and really like the desert sand color in the foreground. Wonderful depth in this shot and will have to visit Australia just for photography 😉

    Congrats on your 100th post and I bet it’s an upbeat feeling – having completed my 365 project, I could associate the mood with this 100th post.

    Glad that I found your blog. I really love the way you present your shots and tech details associated with the post(s).

    Good work and looking forward to your future posts.

  2. Gorgeous colours. Love the presentation. Great job!

  3. Great composition and amazing colors! The sky is nearly apocalyptic…

  4. Congratulations, Mike! Are you going to try to do any shows or markets?

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