Day 104 – Now That’s a Bridge!   4 comments

© mike moruzi | insearchofstyle.wordpress.comI took this image on a Saturday night from the Sydney Opera House. We’d come up from Melbourne for Easter weekend having found a great hotel deal on This was our first and only time in Sydney. Not sure why, but I chose not to bring a tripod on this trip so, while I was able to catch a few night shots, my options were a bit limited.

When we visited Sydney our youngest was nearly two and a half and still napping so each afternoon, we’d need to take a break to let her have a rest back at the hotel. On Saturday afternoon while the rest of the family relaxed (and napped) at the hotel I decided to explore the bridge.  I’d heard there was some kind of bridge walk that could take you up over the top of the bridge and thought I’d go for it if the queues weren’t too long.

I walked over to the bridge around 3:30 and found only a few people waiting to go up. It’s about $200 for the climb, but unfortunately, as I discovered, the climb takes three and a half hours. I wouldn’t have gotten back to the hotel until about 7:30 and I’d said I’d be back in a couple of hours. The worst part though… you can’t take anything up with you on the climb. Including cameras!

I settled for a walk along the deck of the bridge – with my camera.


4 responses to “Day 104 – Now That’s a Bridge!

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  1. Love the colours on the water!

  2. Wow you get around don´t you Mike, Sidney- i have friends and family there-we´ve never been able to manage it because it´s prohibitively expensive from Europe. A superb handheld shot-obviously you don´t need a tripod to produce great images!

  3. Lovely long exposure shot.
    Got to love the reflection of lights as seen in the water – it gives a feel of oil sheen on water 😉

  4. Very nicely done being handheld!

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