Day 106 – Sunset on Dunk Island   7 comments

Sunset on Dunk IslandWorking my way around Australia, Day 106 takes us to the north eastern state of Queensland. We headed north for a tropical vacation in October of 2009. As I was planning this trip, I was very aware of the time of year. Up north in Queensland, October is getting a little uncomfortably close to jelly season. The marine stingers love the warm summer months so thankfully, in 2009 there was a bit of a late start to summer.

I have to admit that after growing up on a freshwater lake in Northern Ontario, I find myself a bit ocean-squeamish. The idea of a jellyfish casually floating along and “accidentally” brushing up against me with its long, delicate tentacles of death doesn’t fill me with warm, fuzzy feelings. There were no jellyfish in my childhood lake. In fact, there was a complete absence of creatures dishing out painful deaths. I probably obsessed a little bit too much about jelly season and the timing of the vacation, because in the ten days we were there we had not a single sighting of any death-dealing ocean dwellers.

The photo above is on Dunk Island, just off the coast of far north Queensland between Townsville and Cairns. Dunk is a popular destination, but we suffered from some poor timing. Just two weeks before we arrived the resort was sold to a new set of owners. Clearly a lot of staff had been let go, there was new management and everyone seemed kind of nervous about the change. Service suffered. I trust that things settled down and the resort got back on its feet. Unfortunately Dunk Island found itself in the path of Cyclone Yasi in February 2011. The island was hit very hard and is not expected to re-open until April 2012.

A few days after this photo, we spent a day swimming at the Great Barrier Reef. For those looking for an introduction to the Reef, there are heaps of day trips departing Cairns for big floating pontoons that serve as islands on the reef for snorkelling and first-time scuba divers. Like any true-blue Aussie kid, our kids are like little fish so they had no problems out in the big deep. We, of course, kept the little one close (she was only 4) and in a life jacket. The reef was teeming with sea life including at least one fish the size of our four-year old (so actually not that big, I suppose) and one shark. The shark kept its distance. Thankfully.


7 responses to “Day 106 – Sunset on Dunk Island

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  1. Nice. The people in the foreground make the photo that much more interesting, don’t they? Adds some life – and they look like they’re having fun.

  2. What a beautiful image of the Island, great.

  3. The sun is superb. So calming and the composition is perfect.

  4. I really like this photo, Mike. The layered look of the hills … the silhouette of the couple in the water inside the warm glow of the sun reflected in the water … the colors in the sky … the strong horizontal line of the pier that is even with the shoreline. As a matter of personal preference, I would probably crop the figure out on the far left so the focus would be on the couple. Good job!

    • That’s funny, I didn’t even notice that person on the left when I posted it yesterday! I like the shoreline where it is though, so I think a little cloning to just get rid of him…

  5. This is SO National Geographic!! I didn’t even notice the person on the far left, was soaking in the rest of the image to notice!

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