Day 107 – Up Close, There’s Nothing But You and The Rock   5 comments

© mike moruzi | insearchofstyle.wordpress.comI’m not sure there’s a more iconic image of Australia than Uluru, perhaps only rivalled by the Sydney Opera House. Uluru sits in remote, central Australia in the southwest of the Northern Territory. It’s 2,800 km from Sydney, 2,300 km from Melbourne, 2,060 km from Perth, 1,550 km from Adelaide,  and 3,200 km from Brisbane. It sits 460km from the nearest town – Alice Springs. Because of this remoteness, the preferred travel method is flight. Some fly into Alice Springs and then drive the rest of the way, others fly right into the resort town of Yulara that serves up accommodation and food for visitors to the National Park.

Accommodation in Yulara is, unsurprisingly, expensive. For a family, a room (with a bathroom) will run you from about $250 to $480 in the low season. There are multi-night specials, but your wallet is still going to take a pretty big hit. Many tourists fly in and out on the same day partly because they’re on a whirlwind tour, but surely also to avoid the costs for a decent room. There are plenty of rooms, enough for 5,000 people per night. You should definitely take advantage of the accommodation and stay at least one night.

As it first comes into view, Uluru presents a striking image, rising about 350m from the relatively flat, featureless surrounding desert. Our youngest called it “The Big Rock!” and it was an apt description.  You first see it from a distance of about 10km, so you don’t appreciate its size or its texture. As you get closer to the rock, you realize that it’s not nearly as smooth or uniform as it appeared and that it doesn’t rise gradually from the ground. It looks like it was just dropped there. The ground is flat right up to the edge of the rock.

As you approach Uluru, it takes over your entire field of vision. Up close, there’s nothing but you and the rock. It’s a sacred site for the Aboriginal owners of the land (the Anangu) so if you do go, don’t climb the rock, despite all the tour companies offering climbs.

If you want to see it from a little further back, I’ve posted a few more shots in my Flickr photostream.


5 responses to “Day 107 – Up Close, There’s Nothing But You and The Rock

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  1. I am thoroughly enjoying your shots from Down Under.
    Love the contrast between the green trees in the foreground and the Rock.

  2. That is one big rock, must have been an amazing sight! Like Sasi, I too have been enjoying your photos from Australia. It’s amazing how small the road looks. 😀

  3. Great shot – looks like something out of a science fiction movie.

  4. Wow! This is astonishing!

  5. I love this shot, amazing landscape. Makes me want to visit Australia!

    Kieran Hamilton

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