Day 110 – Not Just Blowin’ Smoke   1 comment

© mike moruzi | insearchofstyle.wordpress.comIt’s hot, humid, crowded, chaotic, and a lot of fun. The Mindil Beach Sunset Market northwest of Darwin city, in the Northern Territory, is a local cultural sampler and more than a bit feral. The first challenge is parking. When you arrive, cars are parked all over the place. For the most part, the cars are in traditional parking lot kinds of lines, but the car park is a dusty, grassy field. When it gets full, the cars start getting wedged any old place. If you come late (as we did) you might have a to take a couple of passes through the labyrinth until you find a nook big enough to squeeze your car into. Pay close attention to where you put your car!

Once in the market, you’ll find food stands of all ethnicities, arts and crafts vendors, clothing vendors, and performers. All this and it’s right up against a gorgeous beach that stretches off into the distance in both directions. Of course, it’s a sunset market, so as the sun drops below the horizon, the crowds come up from the beach and the market gets really crowded. Now is a good time to find a patch of dirt near some of the buskers and catch the evening shows.

There are bands, jugglers, dancers, and this fire breather. He was a man of many talents with comedy, juggling, skipping (with a flaming rope), and fire-breathing all part of his repertoire. I think he even juggled machetes at one stage. His big finish is captured above.

If you want to see the market, you’ll have to plan ahead a little. The market only runs on Thursdays and Sundays during the Dry season (late April to October).


One response to “Day 110 – Not Just Blowin’ Smoke

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  1. Great shot! You had really good timing capturing it.

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