Day 113 – I Hope You Like Figs   8 comments

© mike moruzi | insearchofstyle.wordpress.comIn far north Queensland on the east coast of Australia, grow the most enormous fig trees. Travelling through the Atherton Tablelands southwest of Cairns there are many a giant fig to stop and gaze in wonder at. The two most famous are the Curtain Fig Tree (in Curtain Fig Tree National Park) and the Cathedral Fig Tree (in the Danbulla State Forest). They’re both strangler figs that are about 500 hundred years old.

I like old trees. It’s like getting in touch with the distant past. I like to imagine who else has come through and witnessed this same place before me. I’ve spent quality time gazing in wonder at the massive trees that grow on the west coast of Canada. The Douglas Firs and ancient cedars of Cathedral Grove (on Vancouver Island) are awe inspiring for their age (some are 800 to 1000 years old) and size (up to 9m in circumference).

It’s odd and perhaps not reasonable to compare the Douglas Fir of western Canada with the giant fig trees of northern Queensland, but they inspire similar feelings. Having visited both of these old-growth forests, I’m not sure which impressed me more. From a photographic perspective, the chaos and complexity of the root system of the fig trees makes them more visually interesting. I spent quality time with these fig trees just photographing the patterns in the roots. It’s interesting what you see the more you stare at the roots.


8 responses to “Day 113 – I Hope You Like Figs

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  1. In an old growth forest, Tolkiens’ Ents suddenly make perfect sense.

    Love this one!

  2. I always find trees very difficult to photograph, but you’ve nailed this one! Nice perspective!

  3. Great shot! Love the perspective. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we used to have a lot of old growths that were hundreds of years old. It’s a shame most were cut down.

  4. Love the view.
    We love figs and didn’t know figs grow on such enormous trees.

  5. Wow, love the PoV, great capture Mike!

  6. Great perspective!

  7. Mike, this is an astonishingly fabulous photo. I adore old trees, too. My dad used to take me to a park with the most amazing trees whose limbs twisted and turned into curious shapes. Unfortunately I’ve never been able to remember where it was, which I find very sad.

    I know this won’t be quite the thing for your blog, but if you’d like to come and see, I’ve an ‘award’ for you here:

  8. This is much nicer than our Cairns pics. And to think that we both travelled there and took pics of this tree but at different times!

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