Day 117 – Lake Louise   3 comments

© mike moruzi | insearchofstyle.wordpress.comWhile Edmonton is now blissfully free of snow, Banff National Park is most definitely not. We arrived in Banff NP on Thursday night to find it snowing hard and the whole landscape covered in snow. That was great for our plans on Friday, which included skiing at Sunshine. For the rest of the weekend though, we were hoping to do some short hikes.

While the snow quickly melted in the village and on the roads, we discovered that there were many roads that were still closed for the winter (such as the road to Moraine Lake), most hikes were off-limits and some places, like Johnston Canyon, were going to need proper hiking boots and even cramp-ons. The kids don’t have hiking boots yet, but that’s something we may need to fix for next time!

Road and path closures aside, we headed up to Lake Louise on Saturday to have a look and hopefully do a little walking. The confusing bit is that “Lake Louise” refers to the village, the lake, and the ski resort so if you’re going to meet up with someone at Lake Louise, be specific! The above shot is from the village looking toward the lake. The lake itself is off to the right behind all the trees.

After grabbing a quick lunch, we headed over to the still very frozen lake to go for a walk. I’ll save that story and the picture of the lake for tomorrow.

Processing notes: This is an HDR processed from three images (-2EV, 0, +2EV) using Photomatix Pro. In Photoshop, I used the Viveza plug-in to darken the sky and add a bit of saturation to the image. Using the Tonal Contrast filter in Color Efex Pro, I enhanced the contrast in the trees, the stream, the mountain and less so in the sky. I used the Foliage filter in Color Efex Pro to enhance the green in the trees. I find the HDR processing in Photomatix Pro tends to add a bit of red/cyan fringe so I finish up with the Reduce Noise filter in Photoshop to clean that up. I added the border using Silver Efex Pro.


3 responses to “Day 117 – Lake Louise

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  1. Great composition and depth. I love those striations on the mountain. I know what you are saying about the red fringe, I seem to get them with every HDR program I’ve used. I’ve found great use from the chromatic abberation slider control in Photoshop RAW to correct them.

  2. Great photo, Mike. It brings back memories of when we used to live in Calgary and would go to the mountains for the day for a hike and a picnic.

  3. It’s just impossible to look at this image and not dream… GREAT PHOTO!!!

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