Day 118 – Caution. Thin Ice.   4 comments

© mike moruzi | insearchofstyle.wordpress.comI clearly misunderstood the guide at tourist information. When she suggested we do this very pretty, easy walk at Lake Louise, I thought we would walk around Lake Louise, not across . As you can see though, this popular walk goes straight out across the lake. There are no signs marking the trail save for one. That one sign simply says “Caution Thin Ice”.

One thing you should know about me is that I tend toward being a cautious person, especially when I have my kids with me. And yet, here I find myself standing there looking out on this large frozen lake with a well-worn path stretching out across the lake. Large groups of people are strolling across without a care in the world, but at the same time, there’s this sign. And it’s warm out. It’s a nice Spring day. It’s not t-shirt weather, but it’s above freezing. Everyone else is walking past this sign like it isn’t even there. A lot of the tourists were speaking languages other than English, so perhaps they couldn’t read it. But I could. And it said in big, bold, red letters that there was “Thin Ice” and that I should take “Caution”.

We had just driven an hour to get here from Banff. Do we hop back in the car and head back or do we follow the crowds like mindless sheep? Well, apparently I’m part sheep (or perhaps not as cautious as I thought) because we joined the throngs and set out across the lake. Even so, my ten-year old was pretty sure we were about to plunge through the ice and partake of a disturbingly cold death in the dark, cold waters of Lake Louise. I pointed out to her that we were a small, fairly lightweight party of three and as long as we stayed well clear of the large groups of adults wandering along in packs that we would likely be okay. She seemed to buy that.

I still felt better when we finally stepped back onto solid ground.

Processing notes: This is an HDR image generated from three photos shot handheld. I combined the images using Photomatix and then edited them in Photoshop using Nik filters. Using Viveza, I increased the structure and contrast in the rocks in the snow covered ‘V’ in the lower middle part of the image. Also in Viveza I brought out the orange colour in the rock faces. In Color Efex Pro, I used the Tonal Contrast filter to enhance the details in the image. I also used the cloning tool to remove a couple of partial people who were chopped off at the bottom of the image. As usual, I added the frame with Silver Efex Pro.


4 responses to “Day 118 – Caution. Thin Ice.

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  1. Lovely shot Mike. I bet it should have felt great being there…
    Nicely composed.

  2. Wow, this is crisp! While my eye jumps to depth of the valley, I really enjoy that lone cloud right above mid-photo. I’ve notice you’ve dropped a few comments about the Tonal Contrast filter in the Nik plugins in your recent posts. That filter is hands down the most versatile, most effective and controlled one of the bunch in my opinion.

  3. Lovely composition with “V” in the middle of the image!

  4. Beautiful shot.. I like the composition with the low horizon

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