Day 122 – Taking Time to Smell the Roses (and see the Mountains)   1 comment

© mike moruzi | insearchofstyle.wordpress.comDriving between Banff and Lake Louise, you can take the Trans Canada Highway (Hwy 1) and get there fast or you can take the Bow Valley Parkway if you want to take your time and enjoy the views. Along the parkway there are lots of scenic lookouts and, as a bonus, you’ll almost certainly see some of the local wildlife. Wildlife is so common in the area through which the parkway passes that between March 1st and the end of June, everyone is asked to avoid using the parkway from Johnston Canyon south to the junction with Trans Canada between 6pm and 9am to protect the animals.

I captured this image about 20 minutes south of Lake Louise along the parkway. I had taken the kids up to Lake Louise for the day and we were meandering back to Banff. Every time there was a view, I’d pull over the car. The kids were quickly over it. They weren’t even getting out of the car anymore. I’m not sure they even looked up from their various car distractions.

I posted both this image and another version on my flickr photostream. If you have the time and inclination, I’d be curious which one you prefer.

Processing notes: The river valley was quite dark so I shot this as an HDR image. Once processed through Photomatix Pro, I ran it through my Nik Software filters. First, I used Viveza to enhance the detailed structures in the image, boost the saturation, darken the sky and warm up the ground on the right hand side. I then used the tonal contrast filter in Color Efex Pro to selectively adjust the fine contrast in the image. I saved that version. I opened up the image again and used Silver Efex Pro to convert it to B&W (with a red filter to get a nice dark sky) and then selectively restore partial colour to the image. I used Lightroom for a change to bring some red/cyan fringing under control.


One response to “Day 122 – Taking Time to Smell the Roses (and see the Mountains)

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  1. This is spectacular and there are so many shapes and textures included. My favorite element is the long curve of the railroad and how it runs through the jagged terrain and towards the edgier mountains. Also, I like this version better. The wider range of color tones brings seems to bring out more detail.

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