Day 124 – Easter Lily   6 comments

© mike moruzi | insearchofstyle.wordpress.comFeeling a bit rushed and a bit wordless today. I’ve seen many a photo blog feature Wordless Wednesdays. How about Text-free Thursday? Or at least Text-lite Thursday.


6 responses to “Day 124 – Easter Lily

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  1. The black & white treatment works so well here. I like how the lilies are illuminated by catching light from different angles. Great capture & finish.

  2. Very nice.

  3. My blog post today was about using Too Many Words, and why I am a failed PostaDay2011 participant. I don’t imagine it is all that easy to do a photo a day either, is it?

    • That’s right. I find a photo a day to be really hard work. I actually find the writing much easier. I put a lot of work into my photos and it takes more time than it probably should. I have found it totally worth it though. I’ve learned a lot these past 124 days.

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