Day 125 – Chess Anyone?   1 comment

Yesterday I read that the City of Edmonton hosts Chess on the Square every Thursday during the summer at Winston Churchill Square. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but thought it might be a good opportunity for some interesting pictures. Somehow I was expecting tables and chess sets each occupied by a couple of keen chess players. Turns out it is much less well attended than I anticipated. The lone chess set (a large, ground-based set) sat unused for most of the time I was there.

Luckily, these two rather unlikely looking pair of chess players turned up and had a go. They clearly knew what they were doing, much more than I would have. I don’t think I’ve played chess since my teens. I’m pretty sure I remember the moves available to each individual piece, but I have no sense of the strategy of the game. It seems I’ll just have to be a spectator for now.

Processing notes: I took this at mid-day under a virtually cloudless sky so the shadows were strong and the highlights were really popped. I decided to process this as a one-shot HDR using HDR Efex Pro (Nik Software). I started with the Granny’s Attic preset (I love the subdued colours for this preset) and then fine tuned the whites and blacks. I then used Viveza (Nik Software) to bring up the brightness in the faces and bring out the skull pattern on the black t-shirt. As per usual, the border is added with Silver Efex Pro (great for B&W conversion, but also really easy to use just for borders) with ‘luminosity’ as the new layers blending mode.


One response to “Day 125 – Chess Anyone?

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  1. I love these chess boards, I also really like the lines the shadows are making. It seems like a really nice, quiet afternoon.

    My apologies for not commenting lately, I hope to get caught up this weekend. Sigh, of course, time permitting…

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