Day 126 – Contrast in Style, The Art Gallery Revisited   6 comments

This is the Art Gallery of Alberta again. I was in the city yesterday visiting Winston Churchill Square at lunch time and wanted to produce a more traditional architectural image of the gallery. The last one I produced was much more stylized. I’m not choosing to do this as a way of copying styles of architectural photography that I’ve seen before, but rather to challenge myself to see if I can produce these clean, futuristic looking images that I’ve seen others produce.

For the most part I’m pleased with this image. There are things that are still bothering me about it, but I won’t point out those issues. I was actually processing a different image for today. I had an intentionally over-processed, grungy kind of shot of a hot dog stand. I just couldn’t get it right though. The over-processing was just wasn’t landing right for me. I may post it in the next few days if I can get it right.

Processing notes: This is an HDR image from three hand held shots. I used the HDR technique to dampen down the intense lights and darks resulting from my mid-day on a sunny day timing. I used Photomatix Pro for the HDR processing and tone mapping. In Photomatix, I kept the micro-contrast way down and the smoothing up high to reducing the halos. In Photoshop I used Viveza (from Nik Software) to fix some uneven bits in the sky/clouds. I also used Viveza to fix some small red spots that got totally blown out by Photomatix.


6 responses to “Day 126 – Contrast in Style, The Art Gallery Revisited

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  1. This is brilliant, Mike. Inspiring.

  2. I love the feeling you get by taking hdr photos, this photo is spectacular : )

  3. I find it interesting that in the middle of the day there appears not a single human in your photo of the AGA!

    I like this shot a lot, though. It reminds me of “artist’s concept” renderings I have seen, though I doubt any would try to come up with clouds that detailed…

    • There were actually a few people moving in and out of the gallery as well as cars passing through, but admittedly not many. I didn’t have to wait too long to get a clear shot.

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