Day 127 – Waiting for the Train   4 comments

Edmonton Light Rail Transit (LRT)Yesterday, I read David DuChemin’s blog where he had a bit of a rant (actually he had three separate rants) about gear snobs. If you don’t know who David is, you really should go read his blog, then go buy his books. David is a very well-known photographer who’s slogan on his blog is “Gear is good. Vision is better”. One of his goals in life is to get photographers to focus on the image they are creating and not to be too concerned with the gear they’re using.

With that in mind, I am including a photo taken with my iPhone while waiting for the train yesterday.

Clearly, if you have a specific purpose intended for a photograph (like say a wall mural) you will need to select the appropriate gear. I still rely on my DSLR for the vast majority of my photos, but I have to admit to being surprised by how much I enjoy taking pictures with my iPhone. I don’t get the same quality of image (as with my DSLR), but not every image needs to be blown up to poster size. Plus, it beats my DSLR hands down on portability, convenience and let’s face it, fun.

With Hipstamatic, I can swap lenses and film on the fly. If you’re really feeling brave, you can have it randomize the lens and film selection by just shaking the phone. Sadly, I’m not that brave (I don’t like my camera to surprise me) so the randomize feature is off for me. The latest version adds a new lens, new film and increases the size of the view finder (yay!). It’s far from perfect, but it’s a fun alternative and it reminds me to focus on the image and less on my gear.

I think I’m going to have to find a photo project and just shoot it with the iPhone. Could be a good test to see if the photographer makes the camera or the camera makes the photographer.

Processing note: None. Zero. Zip. Nada. Another fun plus of the Hipstamatic app, the processing is already done.


4 responses to “Day 127 – Waiting for the Train

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  1. It’s true, it’s the vision that counts. Someone from my photoclub competed iphone pictures ONLY for about 6 months. Guess what? Nobody could tell the difference and he won ribbons for this images. Very cool!

  2. I agree…

  3. Love the effect of this shot! Well done!

  4. Nice shot Mike. There is a motion on the moving train and the lighting seems very authentic to a train station (perhaps in a tunnel).

    You’re so right about the gear. I think what matters is knowing the abilities of your gear (slr/ps/iphone) and making the best of it.

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