Day 128 – Still Waiting   4 comments

Waiting for the train at Southgate LRT StationTaking the LRT into downtown Edmonton you pass through Corona station. My first time through, I was surprised. It doesn’t look like your normal subway station. The surfaces are all polished and reflective. The tunnels are lined with shiny, metal slats. And there are chandeliers. Big chandeliers. You know when a train is coming because the crystals in the chandeliers start vibrating and jingle to announce the impending arrival of a train.

Processing notes: I brought up the structure in this image using the tonal contrast filter in Color Efex Pro from Nik Software. I then used the cross-processing filter (also in Color Efex Pro) to shift to an almost split-toned look emphasizing the blues and yellows.


4 responses to “Day 128 – Still Waiting

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  1. Interesting composition! It has both stillness and movement.

  2. Love the reflections in the window! I bet it must be something being in there when the chandeliers start to sing. 😀

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