Day 130 – Enerflex MS Walk   5 comments

Enerflex MS Walk at Winston Churchill Square in EdmontonYesterday I said I was on the lookout for new techniques to feature in the blog and it was suggested by David Williams (fellow blogger) that I do a pano. Luckily, I’d prepared for this one earlier.

This past Sunday morning I took pictures at the Enerflex MS Walk (a walk to raise money and awareness for multiple sclerosis). I had only learned about the walk a few days before so I wasn’t sure what I would find when I got there. What I found was a huge crowd! The Edmonton Eskimos Cheer Team was on hand to get the crowd pumped up. There were a few local restaurants (like Moxies) set up to provide free food to the walkers. White Lightning, a local indie rock band, performed for the walkers after they’d completed their walk and settled into their free lunch. And there were heaps of volunteers keeping everything and everyone sorted.

I liked the costumes best. Some of the walkers went all out with the outfits. My favourite was a group that came as characters from Wizard of Oz (Dorothy, scarecrow, wicked witch, lion, and tin woman). The shot above is just before the walkers set out.

Processing notes: I combined five images into a panorama using Hugin. There was originally six, but one of the images in the middle was making an awful mess of the pano so I had to pull it out. The result left one of the women in the middle foreground without a rather substantial chunk of her head so I had to put that back in manually from one of the other shots. I tried something new and tried one of Brandon’s presets in Lightroom  to give this a bit of a sun-bleached look.


5 responses to “Day 130 – Enerflex MS Walk

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  1. Great one and great perspective with the crowd getting denser as you look into the photo. I’ve also never used that preset for anything besides portrait style things and it worked well here. Was this a handheld series of photos?

  2. Great shot Mike, full of life, i love the way all the people seem to migrate to the middle, a sort of human vanishing point. I´m guessing you used a fast shutter speed on these 5 shots to freeze the action, was this handheld or Tripod? All the people are in sync, from the lady at the bottom left to the dog and handler to the bottom right and all in between and the one lady bending down ! Great composition Mike,I have a friend who say´s taking photo´s of peoples backs does´nt work-he´s wrong, as your image proves! As for my comments on your previous post-perhaps i should keep them to myself and let you get on with it!
    Photography is a great way to make us aware of the things that afflict some of us and you´ve done a good job of that with this image, keep up the the good work!

  3. I don’t normally find such busy photos that I like but, you’ve done a very good job with this.

  4. I love how the crowd radiates to a centre point, really drew my attention. I really need to try my hand with panos, soon I think! 😀

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