Day 131 – White Lightning   1 comment

Edmonton indie rock band White LightningAs I mentioned yesterday, I saw local indie-rock band White Lightning perform outdoors this past Sunday at Winston Churchill Square. The lead singer is Steve Bosch who brought heaps of energy and fun to his performance. He was clearly having a good time and it was infectious. He makes full use of the stage as he dances, jumps, and contorts all the while making faces letting us know just how much he’s enjoying himself. They performed a mix of covers (from the likes of the Red Hot Chilly Peppers and others) as well as a number of their own songs.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure this was the best crowd for these guys. During the first set, the crowd was pretty distracted. Most of the walkers (remember, this was the Enerflex MS Walk) were sitting way, way back from the stage.  I suspect too many in the audience were just a bit too old to be fans of White Lightning. I actually saw a few people with their hands over their ears. Not good.

Regardless of audience fit, White Lightning performed a great set and they were beginning to really get the crowd engaged as they wrapped their first set. The band is starting to make a name for themselves with a recently released CD (See It All) and I’m sure they added some new fans with this Sunday morning show.


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  1. Always great to watch local talent! Sounds like your visit that day was well worth it.

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