Day 133 – When there’s no one to play with…   10 comments

Monkey bars from a ladder…you just have to make your own friends.

Back when I was in high school and even in university, I had a bit of fun with making multiple exposures using film. Back then, I accomplished it by shooting in a darkened room with the camera shutter open (using the bulb setting) and using a flash to expose a person or object in different places within the frame. Of course, these modest attempts always ended up with images where one or two of the multiple exposures were looking more like Casper than a real person. I got better at it over the years by using darker backgrounds, but I never succeeded in eliminating all the transparency from parts of the image.

Welcome digital and the whole multiple exposure trick is so much easier. Just put the camera on a tripod, move your subject through the desired positions taking a frame for each position. Make sure you keep your lighting consistent from image to image and watch those shadows. Combine afterwards in Photoshop by choosing a master image and individually clipping your subject out of each other image and pasting them into the master as new layers. Since the camera was on a tripod and you kept the static parts of your image static, you should be able to easily line up each layer (using Free Transform) one by one to create a seamless image.


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10 responses to “Day 133 – When there’s no one to play with…

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  1. Hahaha, love it! I so need to do this, don’t know why it hasn’t occurred to me before!

  2. That’s an inventive use for an articulated ladder! Nice to see it’s warm enough for shorts.

    • Hey, welcome back! Haven’t heard from you in ages. It’s definitely warm enough for shorts. Some might even call it hot, though it’s only 25C. Amazing what -39C can do to your perception of warm weather!

  3. Lovely! šŸ™‚

  4. This is great, Mike. This is something I’ve been meaning try for some time.

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