Day 134 – The Cherry Blossoms Blossom   3 comments

cherry blossomsOne of the best features of our place is the two cherry trees in the backyard. I actually posted a picture of it before, but you’d have been hard pressed to identify it. Now that we’re enjoying Spring, Edmonton is undergoing a rapid transition. Our cherry trees have sprung to life. I reckon the plants and trees here have adapted to the short summers and know to hurry up, turn green and get flowering before winter sets in again.

You can actually see the trees in the backyard change from day-to-day. Where there were just buds yesterday, there are leaves today. Where the leaves were a bit sparse yesterday, today they’re densely packed. Where there was just green yesterday, today the cherry tree is bursting with little white flowers. I don’t remember the green stuff recovering this fast from winter back in Northern Ontario, but I suppose it probably did.

Well, wish me luck. I’m off to shoot a wedding this afternoon and the folks at Weather Canada are predicting thunderstorms. Current weather conditions (sunny and hot) seem to defy those predictions though, so let’s hope the weather stays nice!

Processing notes: This is a macro shot which was processed very lightly in Silver Efex Pro to bring out a bit of detail in the leaf on the left and add the border.


3 responses to “Day 134 – The Cherry Blossoms Blossom

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  1. Good luck with your wedding shoot Mike.

  2. Exquisite.

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