Day 137 – Found a Cherry Blossom you like yet? If not, I still have more coming   1 comment

Split Tone Cherry BlossomsWe’ve been doing well in Edmonton up until a couple of days ago. The sun has been shining and it’s been a warm, well-deserved Spring. Unfortunately we’ve finally received the weather that much of the rest of Canada has been tolerating – cool weather and rain. On an exciting note though, we had a major gas leak in the neighbourhood tonight. Around 7:30 as we were finishing dinner, a loud, pulsing whooshing sound started, much like the sound you get from a hot air balloon as they pour on the flame to get lift. Turns out there was good reason for the similar sound.

While it was very loud in our back yard and sounded like it was coming from the next street over, it was actually coming from about 8 blocks away. I hopped in the car to go see what was up (along with half of the rest of the population of South West Edmonton). Police were just cordoning off the roads and the fire trucks were pulling up.  They blocked off a very wide stretch of streets around the leak which continued to pulse very loudly for just over an hour before they got the gas shut off.

Apparently they evacuated homes and local businesses, but thankfully nothing  more happened than gas billowing into the air (and scaring my youngest enough to have her ask if she can sleep with her big sister tonight).

Processing notes: This is a simple light-touch split tone (using Silver Efex Pro 2) of a black and white image. I took the photo with the camera pointing directly into the sun with a flash to fill-in the shadows.


One response to “Day 137 – Found a Cherry Blossom you like yet? If not, I still have more coming

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  1. In spite of what I said on the phone about researched effects, the 138 cherry blossoms are beautiful.

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