Day 140 – Buy My Services or Else!   5 comments

Cherry BlossomYesterday morning, a salesperson came to my door telling me she’s aerating lawns in the area and would I like her to aerate mine. I said no thanks. She decided to push on anyway. She started by telling me about the virtues of lawn aeration and what it can do for my lawn. She then pointed out the bare patches in my lawn that need desperate help. I told her how we only just moved in before winter arrived and with Spring only young in Edmonton, perhaps it was a bit soon to panic.

Concerned that she wasn’t quite engaging my interest she said I must be embarrassed to have people over with my lawn looking like it does. At this point, I take a step back into my house to subtly indicate that she has put me off a bit with her aggressive tone. She didn’t notice. She then suggested that I must not care about my lawn and wanted to know if I even water it.

I suggested that her sales approach was perhaps a bit aggressive and she might want to try not insulting her prospective clients as that might lead to fewer sales. She assured me that she is the top salesperson in her company so she must be doing something right.

I can only sigh and shake my head (and enjoy my lawn just the way it is).



5 responses to “Day 140 – Buy My Services or Else!

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  1. Ha! Got to love the door-to-door pressure cooker style salesman. I had one come by last week about some vacuum cleaner that was going to save humanity. I led him on though and let him clean the carpet stains where my twins had a grape juice war 🙂 Is this a macro of the cherry blossoms? I really like how you used the blur throughout this.

    • Yep, it’s a macro with the flash fired. I really don’t do enough macro work. I’m rarely happy with the depth of field. Might be because I use tubes rather than a proper macro lens…

  2. What a lovely way to start the morning…

    Deapth of field is definitely tricky with macro but I think the above is a success.

  3. this is lovely. It must be a tough job though, door to door. Got to feel the pain! When I was in my early twenties, I had to do some selling book club. Got some very strange offers, I have to say. I was lucky, and got a regular job, before anything TOO uncomfortable happened. (But then again, I got dreadfully harassed at work!! )

  4. I posted a picture of my grass today because it was covered with frozen dew. It was tricky to find some green grass – I still have more dead bare patches than green ones!

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