Day 142 – Happy Day   3 comments

This is a shot from Jason and Meghan’s wedding a week ago. This was one of my favourite photos of the day. I actually processed this image about five different ways. This version uses the same method as I described in yesterday’s post. I love the contrast of the red dress against the green grass.

It was an interesting day for a shoot. Thunderstorms were forecast for the afternoon and we had over an hour of the shooting planned in the great outdoors. When we got started it was overcast, which was fine – better for portraiture anyway. As we approached the end of the pre-wedding shoot, the clouds were darkening and the humidity was going up. Unfortunately that brought out the mosquitoes. A lot of mosquitoes (they’re the worst Edmonton has had in years). Between shots, everyone would be slapping away. At least it kept us moving.

The rest of the day progressed well as we moved indoors. The wedding was in a glass pyramid (at the Muttart Conservatory) which made shooting a fair bit more tricky when the sun came out as the sun took over control of lighting. That said, the sun was well-timed for the ceremony. It came out just as the bride arrived. Almost like it was all planned out for them.



3 responses to “Day 142 – Happy Day

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  1. Nice portrait of the young couple. Gives the feel of use of soft-focus filter.

  2. I like the soft focus very much.

  3. Indeed, I nice soft focus portraiture. I am sure the couple have loved your photos. 😀
    On a side note, I certainly don’t miss all the bugs in Edmonton! 😛

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