Day 144 – You Better Treat Me Right!   2 comments

GorillaThere’s a privately-owned zoo southeast of Edmonton that’s been in the news a lot lately. It’s part farm, part animal sanctuary and part zoo.

Unfortunately the reason it’s been in the news is that the conditions in the zoo sound like they’re fairly poor – reported as being below minimum government standards. As a result, the government is shutting it down. Even zoo supporters acknowledge that the conditions were less than ideal. An important question at this stage seems to be – what happens to the animals? The zoo owner has suggested (hopefully just to make a point about the challenges of animal placement) that he will give them to a taxidermist.

My feelings on zoos are mixed. I like to be able to see and photograph the animals and I like taking my kids to learn about animals. At the same time I feel for the animal that is being kept in captivity and I’ve definitely visited some dodgy zoos. And yet I understand the role they play in supporting broader education and protecting endangered species. I’m not against zoos, but I do think they need to meet appropriate standards.

I captured this image of a gorilla at the Melbourne Zoo.


2 responses to “Day 144 – You Better Treat Me Right!

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  1. I wouldn’t like to be the one at the receiving end of his beastly stare! I’m think that the animals could get jobs on the farm part of the land. They’d be running free and giving back to community, could even give them every Sunday off as a good will gesture.
    Excellent shot
    Astra Wally

  2. That’s manly!!

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