Day 145 – Can Flowers Be Manly?   2 comments

DaisiesA good friend of mine, back in Melbourne, suggested recently that after all the cherry blossoms I’ve been posting on the blog that I needed to post something a bit more “manly”. Yet, here I am, posting more flowers. What’s a guy supposed to do? It is Spring after all!

Any suggestions for more manly topics? Fire? Cars? Trucks? Engines? Tools? Construction?

Processing notes: Cropped to a pano ratio because I really like wide shots. Darkened the background to bring out the foreground daisies a bit more. Added the border using Silver Efex Pro blending the new layer for Luminosity to allow the colour to keep the colour. Partial opacity kept the border dark green and let some of the textures and colours blend through to the edges.


2 responses to “Day 145 – Can Flowers Be Manly?

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  1. Maybe vase some flowers in a piston chamber or in the business end of a shotgun? Don’t worry, I’m headed to a flower exhibit on the grounds of an art gallery this weekend, so I’m sure I’ll be flexing some manly petals next week. As for the picture, I really like how you filled the frame, and the blur patterns in the background. Gives the whole thing a certain movement. Nice!

  2. What can be more manly than a gardener, (think Lady Chatterley), all that earth and digging, etc etc, the flowers being just the pinnacle of the endeavour. I love a man that enjoys being in the midst of beauty, whether it be flowers or landscape. My husband is manly enough for me, part gorilla , part daffodil. Ha!

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