Day 147 – Beware the Print Kiosk   7 comments

Lounging KoalaMy youngest has a presentation coming up for her grade 1 class. She (and the rest of her class mates) have been asked to present a family tradition. She settled on Australia Day as our special day, which we still observe though we’ve relocated to the Northern Hemisphere.

First step, she wanted some pictures to use in her presentation. Naturally a koala needed to be included (see above). We picked another nine photos, I loaded them onto a USB stick and headed off to the shopping centre. For this purpose, I was sure the print kiosk at a mall camera shop would probably do the trick.

It’s been a long time since I used one of these machines and the results were disappointing. It’s a good thing my 6-year old isn’t too fussy about her prints. She thought they were great. I, on the other hand, told the clerk that they seemed kind of dark. He started to tell me about monitor calibration and how I really need to calibrate my monitor and then my prints would look better. Not sure why, but I was compelled to try to explain that this type of kiosk often pumps up contrast and adjusts the curves to make your average unprocessed images pop a little more.  He insisted it was more likely my images. He then explained to the other clerk that the monitors on their kiosks had never been calibrated and maybe they should get them done too.

He offered to get me their printer calibration so I could fine-tune my images for next time. With left eyebrow raised in my best dubious Spock-impression, I just took my prints and left.


7 responses to “Day 147 – Beware the Print Kiosk

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  1. Love the “smile” on her face, what a great shot!

    I hate to admit this, but it’s kind of impressive the clerk at a print kiosk knows what an ICC Print Profile is (assuming, that’s what he was referring to)! 😀

  2. I always thought that was an urban myth but there you go! The Koala looks so relaxed, so chilled, so cool. What a life! Great shot.
    Astra Wally

  3. All printers should be calibrated for a better quality result

  4. LOL! Looks like the koala is pretty relaxed about his prints too!

  5. Great post Mike, isn´t it funny how those that make their living from the general public, will always blame the general public for their own failures.
    The Koala looks like it´s having a good middle of the day “Siesta”, something we are experts at down here in Spain, i think the way it´s holding on just in case, is really comical!
    Hope the Australia day presentation went to plan by the way.

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