Day 148 – Studio Portrait   3 comments

Studio PortraitI don’t often do your basic studio portrait and I don’t believe I’ve yet posted one to the blog. Today was finally the day then. I used a simple setup using a black background and an off-camera flash elevated to camera-right. The flash is behind a large circular scrim (roughly equivalent to a soft-box). I have a white reflector behind the subject to bounce back some of the flash and reduce shadows on the back of the daughter’s head (note the distinct lack of the daughter of disdain today!). She was seated with her body facing the light source and her face turned toward camera in a fairly classic pose.


3 responses to “Day 148 – Studio Portrait

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  1. Nice portrait Mike. Love the expression on her face.

  2. Lovely portrait! She remainds me of my daughter! 🙂

  3. I love it, of course. She’s looking more grown up all the time.

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