Day 151 – Up Up and Away!   9 comments

SwingingI may never tire of this technique and what better spot to use it than at the playground! Of course, I took the kids to the playground so they could have fun, not at all because I wanted to take some pictures. It was purely for their benefit. Trust me.

Prior to setting out for the park, the kids came to me and told me that we need to have a technology-free day. That’s a day when we don’t get to use any of our friendly, modern, electronic conveniences/distractions. My wife planted this seed a few weeks back when one or both of the kids had been spending too much time glued to an iSomething (pod, pad, phone, whatever) and she banned technology for the rest of the day. Well, the idea is back. The kids are determined that one day per week no one will be allowed to use electronics (except for the essentials, like the fridge).

The six-year old quickly piped up that maybe we could start our technology-free day after 10am so she could watch cartoons in the morning. After a brief chat she acknowledged that maybe TV wasn’t quite in the spirit of what they were suggesting.

So, we’ll see. I think they need to sleep on it to confirm their commitment, but perhaps come Sunday I may be cutoff from blogging once a week as the PC will be off-limits. I think it’s all a big scheme to get more time at the park while making me leave my camera at home! Of course, maybe they’re just becoming Amish. I hope they don’t expect me to buy a horse and buggy.


9 responses to “Day 151 – Up Up and Away!

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  1. Brilliantissimo! That’s a great idea , and i like the way you kids are up for it. I don’t know how I would manage without my gizmos . I think I could though. Maybe. MMMMMMMMMmmmm or not.

  2. Keep an eye out, if they start building barns in the back garden then they are definitely coming Amish! I lost a cousin like that. Excellent photo.
    Astra Wally

  3. Nice landing! This is great and I like the depth (but the guy on the bench doesn’t look as impressed 🙂 )

  4. You are quite good at this technique. Good little series. Cheers 🙂

  5. If you keep going you could have a whole gallery of these action shots 🙂

  6. LOL
    The kids sound great. The pics are too 😉

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  8. Totally made me smile, great “action” shot!

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