Day 152 – Must. Play. Faster!   4 comments

Speed sliding - multiple exposureAnother in the multiple exposure series. This one is a composite from 12 images from the same park as yesterday’s image. To capture these shots, I just setup the camera on a tripod and let her play with virtually no direction. In fact, I asked her to make sure she ran around to the right, but obviously she forgot and just ran where she wanted. She had the right idea. I used a slow shutter speed (1/40s) to catch the action. I then created this image by stacking the 12 layers and using layer masks to paint in the bits I wanted from each layer.

I reckon this is a great way to have a different kind of portrait that really captures the spirit of the subject.

4 responses to “Day 152 – Must. Play. Faster!

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  1. What a joy! 🙂 It’s definitely a different kind of portrait!

  2. I plan on heading out between 1st and 2nd period to attempt an image composite. I suppose it depends on how well the Canucks do! 😀

    Really like this one Mike, great job.

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  4. Love this one Mike, especially the way the slow shutter speed portrays the action. I’ve been meaning to do this type of thing for a long time now. I think i’m inspired now to actually do it.

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