Day 153 – Using Textures to Reinvent an Old Photo   11 comments

Coastal TreeToday and yesterday I participated in an online workshop hosted by Creative Live and taught by Doug Landreth. Doug is a famous photographer who makes heavy use of textures in his images. You should definitely check out his work. Just don’t compare it to mine!

The homework from Day 1 of the workshop was to take an image with a reasonably simple subject and apply some of the lessons about textures to produce something different. This is what I put together as a first attempt. Because this is a silhouette, the processing was actually pretty simple. Once I’d found the right texture I simply added it as a separate layer and modified the blending mode and opacity until I was happy.  A little dodging and burning gave me the result I wanted with the light behind the tree.

I have a much more complex image in the works, but this process of masking, compositing, and layering can take a lot of work, especially if you choose to work with a detailed subject (which I did). I hope to have it ready in a few days.

This tree was shot at sunset on Salt Spring Island which sits in the Strait of Georgia off Vancouver on Canada’s beautiful west coast.

What do you think?


11 responses to “Day 153 – Using Textures to Reinvent an Old Photo

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  1. I love this Mike, you have done a fantastic job. I could just see this on my wall!

  2. Now this I like. This really is special and goes beyond photography into art. Keep it up mate. Jeff

  3. Hang on I think I recognize the texture. Is that one from our “dry” period?

  4. It reminds me of all the great Japanese prints. Looks beautiful
    Astra Wally

  5. So glad you were able to watch the workshop! Awesome technique here. I love textures, just haven’t started using them yet.

  6. Cool Pic. I meant to watch. But I was so busy this weekend. I look forward to seeing more of them.

  7. Me too can see this on my wall!!
    You have a real emotion here, not just a tree, a place we’ve all felt (and therefor been to). Can’t wait to see the more complex one!

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  9. Excellent pairing. I dig the translucence of the the background, giving it an “eggshell” feel. What I like the most is how the texture used doesn’t seem tentative to the photo, as if it was merely an overlay. It really enhances.

  10. Very nice PP Mike, love the composition.

  11. Very nice.

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