Day 154 – Edmonton at Night   Leave a comment

Edmonton Skyline at NightOn Friday night a thunderstorm was forecast. I’ve been  keeping an eye on the forecast because I’ve been wanting to get out and try to shoot some lightning. By 10:00, no storm had arrived. We had a bit of wind, but that was it. I gave up on the storm arriving thinking it was blowing past the city. At 10:30 though, the storm arrived full blast when the rain started bucketing down and the thunder and lightning closely followed.

I hightailed it out of the house to my planned vantage point above the North Saskatchewan River looking back into the city. By the time I got there, most of the lightning had passed and it was just lightly raining. There were a couple more flashes of lightning, but they were mostly over the clouds. So, no lightning photo, but I did get several pretty average (whoopee!) photos of the Edmonton city skyline at night (in a rain storm). Here’s one of them. Oh well, better luck next time.

I think I should go back to my series of kids playing composites. I have two more scenes shot, but haven’t had time to put them together yet. I’ll return to them on Monday.

Note: This is a scheduled post because we’re having a technology-free day (see Day 151) today so I posted this on Saturday.


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