Day 155 – Climbing on the Climbing Thingy   6 comments

Jungle Gym aka Climbing ThingyWith some more time after the Friday/Saturday workshop, I’m back to my multiple exposure series. This scene was in the same playground as the previous days. As you can see, it’s a pretty crazy climbing wall thingy. I’m totally stressing out my poor PC with these composite images. With all the layers, this particular image was 602MB. That’s not so bad really – I have 4GB of RAM – but I find CS3 (for me) does not have especially good memory management as I need to shut down PS after working an image like this or I start getting memory errors. Suffice to say that this is sometimes slow work.

Processing notes: For this image I took a series of 15 images from a tripod, but three of the images overlapped badly and had to be discarded. As a result, this is a composite of 12 images layered into a single file with masks used to blend the elements from each layer together into a single image. Once I built the composite, I took it through some Nik filters (Viveza to adjust colours and warmth, Color Efex to cross process, enhance the grass and leaves, and add a skylight filter, and Dfine 2.0 to reduce some noise that I generated along the way in the sky). I added a white vignette using the Lens Correction filter in PS before dropping in the border with Silver Efex Pro.


6 responses to “Day 155 – Climbing on the Climbing Thingy

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  1. Great composition on the cool “climby thingy.” Oh, and your PC is probably fine. I think it is more of an Adobe issue, or actually the Adobe software causing the memory leak. I have 12gb RAM and still get bogged. In CS4 & later you can let it pull from the video card to help out but it isn’t a huge boost from what I can tell either. When I’m just dropping layer masks on top of a single image, I never have a problem at all. Just when I have multiple images with multiple attached masks.

  2. It’s just incredible!!! 🙂

  3. I think your going to have to get a bigger climbing thingy Mike, getting crowded, i await your next post!

  4. How exactly did you do that? C´mon let me in on the secret!

    • No secret Adrian, I just haven’t been going into details because others have beat me to it. I used to do it this way, but learned of a better approach here. David wrote up his approach here. The main trick is just to set up the tripod and get the shots you’re going to layer together. Once you’ve done that, any of the three methods described above will do the trick.

  5. Man, what a cool playground piece, really wish they had those when I was a kid! Nice job on the composite, sorry to hear about the PC power, I noticed CS2 had the same issues (even though I was running it on a machine w/6gb ram, haven’t had that issue now that I am using cs5)

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