Day 156 – The Lemonade Business is Booming   5 comments

I may never tire of these composites and I have many more ideas yet to play out. Unfortunately time is going to be short for shooting and processing these so tomorrow will have to be something new.

If you’re still not sure how I’m doing these, David has done the most recent and most thorough explanation of the process. The only real difference between my approach and his is that I put a black mask (hold ALT then click the ‘Add layer mask’ icon) on every image to initially hide every layer. For the layer I want to work on, I click on the mask to select it, then Shift-Click on it to temporarily hide it. Then I paint with a black brush over the element I want to keep from that layer. Click the mask again to reactivate it and fine tune by painting with the black brush to expose more and a white brush to hide. Repeat on each layer.

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5 responses to “Day 156 – The Lemonade Business is Booming

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  1. I have enjoyed your composite images, keep em coming! I plan on doing more in the upcoming weeks. I love the concept behind this one Mike.

    Perhaps it’s my old eyes (ahahahaaa) the only reason I started mine w/a white mask is because it was easier to roughly paint out my subject, invert the mask then fine tune the painting (with the black mask/white paint). 🙂

  2. Nice one, Mike. You are really raising the bar on these 🙂 Brilliant concept and your oldest daughter put together some nice impatient poses.

  3. Love the composites Mike – really interesting and heaps of potential

    Jon Longworth
  4. Sure it does looks like the lemonade business in booming 😉
    Like the duotone theme here – seems to go very well with the lemon/lemonade. Interesting in a way it picked green from the grass.

  5. Excellent ! Wonderful composition and line up poses are hilarious.

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