Day 159 – Miss Me?   6 comments

PearMissed another day on the blog. Not good. I did have good intentions to blog yesterday, but my daughter rather completely stole my day out from under me. We were at “Family Fun Day” at school on Friday. I was one of many parents volunteering as teams of kids rotated through activities. It all started at 9:00am. Everyone was having a lovely time for all of about 30 minutes when she broke her arm in a fall at one of the stations. Presumably everyone else continued to have fun, but we very definitely did not.

Thankfully, I was on the field so I had her on the way to emergency just a couple of minutes after the fall. It was a pretty bad break – so she had a pretty rough time of it, but the hospital did a fantastic job and rushed her through all points along the way. We were home (and serving her every whim) a little under four hours after the break. I’ve heard horror stories of 8 and 10 hour waits in the emergency rooms here in Alberta so I was really happy that we spent very little time at all waiting. About 45 minutes after the break we were in a room in the pediatrics ward.

While I have pictures from the hospital she forbade me from using them on the blog. Fair enough. She’s not exactly at her best, but she was still able to pull off a smile for the camera while we were waiting for all the doctors (two monitoring respiration, two orthos, two responsible for drugs, one casting and one nurse) required to cast her arm. It’s a teaching hospital so three of the crowd were observing/helping/learning. My wife and I had to leave the room to make space for all the doctors!

Since I wasn’t allowed to include a picture from the hospital, here’s my latest texture project.

If you’re interested in the compositing that I and a couple of others (David and Brandon) have been doing lately and you’re still not quite understanding how we’re pulling it off – I found this recently posted video ( by Adorama that explains it in detail.


6 responses to “Day 159 – Miss Me?

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  1. Beautiful composition. Hope your daughter is feeling better.

  2. Sorry to hear about your daughter and good to hear the hospital round went well. I’m also enjoying your texture work lately. The “burn” here works well.

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  4. Sorry to hear about your daughter, it’s a drag having to have your arm in a cast at the start of summer holiday (I had that happen around 4th grade). Glad to hear things went “smoothly” for her.

    • She’s thrilled because we’ve learned she’ll only need to wear it for six weeks (not the original expected 8). That means she’ll be cast-free for at least half of summer.

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