Day 160 – Learned Something New   7 comments

Dried RoseI learned something new these past few days (and posts). I learned that while the technique of applying textures to photos isn’t too difficult it is actually quite a bit harder to produce something I like and hence, feel is worthy of sharing. Broken arms and additional required parenting/child nursing time aside, this is a much more time-consuming process and I find I’m just not able to set enough time in the day aside to meet a daily posting regimen. This explains my sporadic postings of the last few days and conveniently serves as a prefab excuse for any further late posts in the near future.

So, the title of today’s post is not referring to my Photoshop skills, but rather to the creative process. Unlike with a photograph that is more lightly processed, this type of image is not one that I arrive at quickly. It requires far more experimenting with treatments that work and don’t work (and there are a lot that don’t work). Most significantly, I find I need to allow these image to breathe a little, to rest, to hide from prying eyes.

This particular image required four attempts to get it to a stage where I was prepared to post it. I had a previous version uploaded yesterday in an attempt to post on time, but when I saw it in the blog, I realized I was rushing an image out the door that I didn’t even particularly like to meet a self-imposed deadline.

I like this image now, but tomorrow when I see it again I may just change my mind.


7 responses to “Day 160 – Learned Something New

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  1. Perhaps you’d like to join the “Post LESS” challenge! Several of us have decided that Post a Day, while an admirable goal, is not necessarily always a practical nor creative way of being a blogger…

  2. This one was worth waiting for, Mike. There seems to be more room for mood and interpretation in this technique, so makes sense that it takes time. As addicted as I am to an image a day, I promise to be patient if it takes longer.

  3. Excellent work. I found with time I got to know which photographs worked best with which type of texture and layer combination. But then I decided to branch out with new textures and new combinations. Two steps to the right, then left to the next star till morning – progress is realizing how much more you can do (if you only had the time).

  4. Nice photos!!

  5. Very well done Mike, definitely worth the wait!

  6. Very artistic – congratulations!

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