Day 161 – Birth of the Infrequent Blogger   18 comments

Red Rose on GreenAs per my previous post, I’ve learned that some things take time, more time than I necessarily have. This blog, for instance, has been taking more time than it should lately. These texture pieces are particularly time consuming. As we arrive at summer holidays for the kiddies, they are going to be much more demanding of my time. Putting these things together, I plan to cut back on the blog over summer. I’ll still be posting regularly, but it will be less often – probably every few days.

In the meantime, I’ve officially hung out my shingle and launched my website for my photo business (Mike Moruzi Photography). You can find me at the very cleverly named website – It accompanies my Facebook business page that I launched a few weeks back. Hopefully a lot more of my time will be consumed as I get my business up and running.



18 responses to “Day 161 – Birth of the Infrequent Blogger

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  1. I’ve enjoyed all the textured composition, but this is hands down my favorite. I like that it has more depth. And also, the site looks great!

    • Thanks Brandon. I treated this one differently from the others. Unlike the other ones, this was shot in the garden and the background is from the original background (just texturized). For the others, I completely masked out the background. Definitely brings a different feel.

  2. This site needs a LIKE button!

  3. Absolutely love this picture! What did the original look like? The background is so vibrant and contrasts in an interesting way with the rose bloom.

  4. Great details/textures on the rose’ petals Mike.
    Nice work!

  5. Beautiful image with a 3D effect! Green and red look so great together…

  6. This is beautiful and my favourite so far. The colours are wonderful – so vibrant. The green background reminds me of being inside a tent when camping – it’s that sort of light and shadows I think.

  7. Mike, i got to say, an infrequent blogger is 10 times better than a 365 blogger, our kids do things that change our lives from day to day so 2 or 3 times a week is cool, gives us time to compose and think about what photo´s we want to take,no?

    Good luck mate looking forward to your posts, whenever they come!

  8. this is a beautiful image, thanks for posting it. You are getting some truly worthwhile images together, I will definitely be checking out your website. Good luck with that.

  9. Nice shot. Good luck with the business!

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