Day 166 – Under His Reproachful Gaze   11 comments

© mike moruzi | insearchofstyle.wordpress.comApologies for the infrequent blogging of late. As mentioned on Day 159, a mere seven days ago in the blog, but three weeks ago in real life, number one daughter broke her arm. Her recovery hasn’t gone quite as planned. Due to the nature of the break, we were warned to expect possible issues with them staying aligned. Turns out the warnings were accurate. This past Wednesday, we learned surgery was going to be required to put pins in the arm. Friday we spent the day in the hospital with her. Thankfully, we were able to bring her home with us on Friday night.

Needless to say, I’ve been spending most of my time tending the child and virtually no time at all on photography or blogging, which I reckon is clearly the right thing to be doing. She’s doing great now and I’m going to try to get back on top of this blog thing.

The photo is from a smallish aviary for some big owls at the Calgary Zoo. This owl seemed to be giving me the evil eye. He would look at me, close his eyes and turn away. He’d then turn back to see if I was still there, close his eyes again and turn away. I was getting a clear impression that he was not happy to be there. It wouldn’t have been surprising. The aviary was small enough that I don’t think the birds would have been able to fly. Of course, if these were injured birds that were being nursed back to health, that might be the right kind of environment for them.


11 responses to “Day 166 – Under His Reproachful Gaze

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  1. Again, great emotion captured, Mike. What is that near the bottom? Is that his foot & talons? And glad to hear the daughter is doing better!

  2. Great photo. You’re right, he doesn’t appear too happy at the moment!

  3. Yeah, i figured something was´nt right,Mike, she´ll be alright and i´m guessing she´ll get a big treat when the pins are removed! We´re lucky to live in the 21st Century….50 years ago, well i won´t go there!

    Looks like the Owl is having a Ho.Hum, someones photographing me….again, moment , nice shot! those Talons look real sharp-better on this side of the cage!

    • I’ve told her that in the autumn when she’s back to school she can tell all the boys that she has a titanium re-enforced arm. They’ll all be totally jealous!

  4. poor kid…
    cool shot, owls are interesting creatures.

  5. Excellent capture!

  6. Great composition. The owl is upset because he wasn’t invited to the Harry Potter movie premiere again.

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