Day 178 – Looking Down From On High   6 comments

I hope someone out there is still enjoying my portrait series from the International Street Performers Festival. I know I’m enjoying going through the photos. Today’s portrait features the other half of the Kamikaze Fireflies, Casey Martin. In this photo, Casey is looking down on the crowd from atop a jaunty pair of bright yellow stilts.



6 responses to “Day 178 – Looking Down From On High

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  1. Well, i´m enjoying the series Mike, can we get a look at her stilts next time, ha ha (just joking)!
    But on a serious note , you,ve done some nice portraits in this series Mike, look forward to your next post!

  2. Yes, still enjoying them in South Wales 🙂 Great portrait, love this!!

  3. HI Mike
    I’ve been a little busy with relatives visiting, but yes, I have been enjoying the festival shots. They are like little presents in the mail. As always, your portraiture is excellent. This series really captures the quirkyness and intensity of the various characters. I particularly like the tones in this one. They may not touch me quite as much as if I’d been there, though. I seem to relate to the ones of your kids better.

  4. Beautiful composition.

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