Day 182 – Whatever Happened To All The Merry-Go-Rounds?   11 comments

Testing out the iPhone Hipstamatic app at speed for this merry-go-round shot. Have you ever noticed that you just don’t find merry-go-rounds anymore? Has someone declared them too risky for the latest generation of kids being that we seem to be raising with our ever increasingly risk-removed world?

We recently visited a park that we haven’t been to in nearly 8 years. Last time there was a merry-go-round and a couple of those spinning swing setups with four swings on chains that spin around a centre hub. They’ve been removed a replaced with more modern and, I’m guessing, safer equipment – much to the kids’ disappointment. Those old things were a tonne of fun.

Based on my extensive one-week survey of some remote rural areas of British Columbia, I’ve learned that if you like the old playground equipment, you need to find some nice rural playgrounds that haven’t been discovered by the big city safety regulators. Based on my kids reaction, they’d still prefer to have a merry-go-round any day of the week!

This parent, on the other hand, can only handle so much time on the merry-go-round before he starts feeling decidedly green.

For Hipstamatic fans, this was shot with the Watts lens and Big Up film.


11 responses to “Day 182 – Whatever Happened To All The Merry-Go-Rounds?

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  1. I’d forgotten about merry-go-rounds! Yh, they were really fun but they did cause accidents.

  2. Know quitting now I check your site everyday now! p.s. love the way you got the angle!

  3. I love this app and this pic is fab! I know what you mean about feeling green on these things, maybe it is something to do with getting older, I am sure I was fine when I was younger!

  4. Ha! I was just having the same thought the other day. I came across this old playground at a school and it had a merry-go-round and an old set of “monkey bars.” I hadn’t seen one in so long it took me by surprise.

  5. Great shot. I have nothing against creating a safe environment, especially for children and students, but ….so many rules. What really is annoying is that it sometimes seems like the rules/precautions are there to protect proprietors, community officials, or school boards from being sued rather than creating a safe environment.

  6. This little thought piece on the same topic came through today. Thought you might like it?

  7. Earlier this year I tried to find a merry-go-round and had the hardest time! I eventually did find one and the girls had an absolute blast on it! Glad you were able to locate one. 😀

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