Day 184 – So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye   10 comments

And so, today, with much reluctance I have parted with my camera. It’s on its way to Toronto in the hopefully gentle hands of Purolator to be entrusted to Canon for three to four weeks. Hey, fingers-crossed, it might be back in my hands in early September!

On the bright side, before my camera died I had shot about 1300 photos on our vacation so I have plenty of fodder for the blog until I am reunited with my camera.

The photo above is a 30-second exposure across the Columbia River looking back at the town of Revelstoke and the mountains that surround the city. I shot this from a single-lane bridge leading out of town to the south and just a five-minute walk from our campsite. Revelstoke is a ski resort in the winter. During the summer it’s more about the hiking and the boating. You can hike up Mt Revelstoke or, like us, you can drive most of the way. There are beautiful trails at the summit through sub-alpine meadows. Fantastic.

A shuttle dropped us off at the summit and we set off on one of the trails. Within five minutes it started raining, but pretty lightly. Five minutes later though it was bucketing down and then it started hailing. We ran for cover in the bus shelter with a German family. After about ten minutes of rain, they gave up and took the shuttle back down. We waited it out – it looked like it was going to burn off and it did. We spent two hours walking the trails in glorious sunshine.


10 responses to “Day 184 – So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

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  1. Ahhh, all good things do come to those who wait eh? What a gorgeous capture Mike, great job. Here’s to a speedy return. 😀

  2. Gorgeous evening! Somehow I missed the last post about the camera and had to back track. Oy 😦 I know it isn’t much consolation, but at least it was just a mirror lockup. The same thing happened to one of my friends a while back. Canon did send him a loaner body (overnighted). Did you look into that?

    • I’ve not pursued the loaner idea yet because I think I need to get myself a backup anyway. Of course, I’m not keen to spend the money on a backup, so I may chase a loaner when they send me an email acknowledging receipt of the camera. Good suggestion.

  3. Gorgeous shot Mike!

  4. Mike, if i could pick your brain on this shot,did you use any type of filters?

    • Of course Adrian. Unfortunately my answer is a bit boring. This is pretty much straight out of the camera with no processing at all and no filters used during shooting. I cropped this shot a bit to make it a bit more wide (I like it better that way). I shot this at f16 to get the depth and 30s to get the exposure I wanted. Other details: ISO 100, 24mm. The credit for the colour comes from the time of day – a little after sunset aka the blue hour.

  5. Night shots are my favorite. And don’t worry about the camera, Canon usually is fast with repairs! I think I had mine back in 2 weeks.

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