Day 185 – I Could Live Here   19 comments

“I could live here” said my eldest daughter one sunny, Sunday afternoon on Salt Spring Island a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t agree more. Salt Spring Island is the largest of the Gulf Islands in the Strait of Georgia between the British Columbia mainland and Vancouver Island. My wife and I have been visiting the island for the last 16 years. Her folks live there.

Island life is different from mainland life. Life is slower on the island, more relaxed, simpler. You can almost feel the tension seeping out of your body as you arrive on the island. My in-laws’ house is on the water, which may explain why I like it there so much. It might also be because I’m always on vacation when I’m on the island!

This photo is the view from their house. Here, you go to sleep to the sounds of gentle waves washing up on the beach and the geese chatting away to each other as darkness falls.

It never occurred to me that the kids would notice, but apparently they’d like to live there too.


19 responses to “Day 185 – I Could Live Here

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  1. OMG, i could live there too, The slower life bit, is, i think pretty cool,If the kids get a good vibe, it´s probably a good vibe!!!!!!

    • I think it’s the pace that does it. Most people aren’t rushing about. There are fewer distractions. Very peaceful. And, of course, there’s the ocean. I looooovvvvve the ocean.

  2. I´ve just seen the little ducks great!

  3. very serene

  4. You make it look and sound so good I think we should probably stay here.

  5. If I lived there I would probably look at the view all day if I could 😉

  6. Great shot. Love all of the shades of blue.

  7. Wow, I could live there too!

  8. Lovely shot, Mike!

  9. Beautiful composition. The shades of blue enhance the sense of calm .

  10. Beautiful – I love those blues.

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