Day 186 – You Have to Try Snapseed on iPhone (or iPad)   17 comments

Given the fact that my DSLR is out of commission, I’m shooting more with my iPhone at the moment. I usually use Hipstamatic on the iPhone, but you can’t really do much with a Hipstamatic photo once it’s captured. For a clean source image, I’ve been using the standard Camera app.

If you like tweaking your images and you have an iPhone (or better yet, an iPad), you really need to check out Snapseed from Nik Software. Just like their filters for Photoshop you can apply selective edits throughout the image. You can also do a range of textures, frames, “drama” effects, or just straight up brightness, contrast and saturation.

What I absolutely love is the selective edit capability where you can place a point on the photo, choose the size of the region you want to tune-up and then select the intensity of the change. It’s remarkably easy to use.

The shot above was produced from an image I captured using the standard Camera app at Takkakaw Falls in Yoho National Park. This was post-DSLR-mirror fail, hence the iPhone. If it weren’t for my camera fail, I’m not sure I would have taken these photos in the first place and ended up trying Snapseed. This is officially my go-to app on the iPhone for photos.

BTW, in case you’re following the mirror-detachment problem, the update is that Canon has received my camera and are fixing it free of charge. Yay!



17 responses to “Day 186 – You Have to Try Snapseed on iPhone (or iPad)

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  1. Awesome landscape!

  2. Well, that´s the least they could do customer loyalty can´t be measured in dollars, it´s a way of life and i think you won´t be changing to Nikon anytime soon!

  3. The top looks like a painting! Also try the photo magic app!

  4. This is awesome, Mike. The distressing works so well here. Rugged.

  5. Amazing what we can do with a cell phone these days eh? Really glad to hear Canon’s picking up the repair tab, here’s to a speedy return!

  6. Nice composition and processing! Hope everything works out well with your camera.

  7. great images, thanks for sharing it and the information with us.

  8. MMMmmmmmm
    very tasty

  9. I could just scroll through these photographs forever… every composition is thoughtful and so beautifully executed. I love your site.

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