Day 191 – So, What Do You Want First? The Good News? Or Perhaps, The Good News?   4 comments

Okay, so I actually don’t have two pieces of good news, but I kind of wanted to use the flip side of last week’s blog post about my camera. Makes a good bookend. If you’ve been following the situation, you know that my camera bought it when the mirror fell off ten days ago. I fired it off to Canon’s service centre in Toronto 7 days ago. They replied two days later to tell me they’d be fixing it for free. Let’s call that my first good news.

While the idea of being without camera has been upsetting, I’m busy enough with visitors (my folks are in town) and processing the photos from the vacation. Today, we’re taking our youngest to the park to take off her training wheels when our departure was interrupted by the Purolator guy. I assumed it was something from Amazon – my wife orders a fair number of books – but it was for me. I’m not sure this guy has seen anyone so happy to receive a delivery before. I actually have my camera back just ten days after it broke and only a week after Canon received it! This is most definitely the second good news.

As for the photo above, this is a view back towards Ganges Harbour on Salt Spring Island, BC. I took this at low tide by walking way out along the shore. I liked the look of an abandoned boat wreck out among the trees and decided to see if I could get there. I made a few crows angry on the way out, but kept an eye on the tide and had no problem making it there and back without a problem. More pictures of that walk to follow.


4 responses to “Day 191 – So, What Do You Want First? The Good News? Or Perhaps, The Good News?

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  1. I am so pleased you got your camera back, I know I would feel lost without mine. I look forward to more pics 🙂

  2. That was quick! Also, love the bowed branches in the composition.

  3. What excellent news Mike and wow, what awesome service! Like Brandon, I love the branches…heck, the entire tree!

  4. Excellent news & photo composition.

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