Day 192 – Abandoned?   8 comments

This is what appears to be one of many derelict vessels in Ganges Harbour on Salt Spring Island, BC. That said, perhaps this is a fixer-upper? I couldn’t tell if this was someone’s boat or if it was just a wreck on the beach so I didn’t try to get any shots of the inside. There seems to be a bit of a problem with abandoned vessels of various shapes and sizes in the harbour. There’s not a lot of them, but it’s odd to see these wrecks sprinkled here and there alongside some very expensive boats. The boats in the harbour seem to mirror the juxtapositions of life on the island where you can find huge mansions and tiny, dilapidated shacks.


8 responses to “Day 192 – Abandoned?

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  1. Nice shot Mike,is it HDR? Love the details such as the algae hanging of the rope and the plastic bag,very cool!
    Guess it´s cheaper to clean the hull on the shoreline than get it in to dry dock!

    • Yes, HDR. This is actually only in “dry dock” during low tide. I’m pretty sure it’s floating at high tide. As for the bag, I only noticed it afterwards – should have checked what was in there.

  2. Abandoned or not, that boat looks like it could stay there a long, long time. That thing looks like a tank!

  3. Beautiful composition. Reminds me of lyrics from a couple of Stan Rogers songs.

  4. Great stuff! Your post work is really good.

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