Day 194 – It’s a Party!   4 comments

Keeping it short and sweet again today. We’re having a “cast off” party for our oldest (the one that busted up her arm a while back). While she actually hasn’t been in a cast for over five weeks, she has been recovering from surgery to put pins in her arm to mend the bones that weren’t mending with the help of the cast. It’s all meant that she hasn’t had as active a summer as she would have liked. But, earlier this week she had an x-ray and the arm is doing really well. Hence, the party.

So the house is filled with 11 screaming girls this afternoon. What is it that makes kids so much louder when they get together in groups of four or more? Volume aside, her friends are all lovely and no trouble at all to have over. 11 girls eat a lot of food though so I’m home making pizzas while my wife has taken the girls over to the pool across the street to cool off and expend some of that noisy energy.

Food must be ready for when they return in just over an hour so I need to stay on the job. No time for blogging!

The image above clearly has nothing to do with the party. This is the older of my in-law’s dogs. His name is Duffy and he’s a very gentle soul. He looks a little cross in the picture, but I think he actually just has his curious face on as he wonders what I’m doing. On the other hand, maybe he is actually cross with me because I’m getting in front of him and stopping him from chasing a deer. Perhaps what I should be most worried about is that this is the exact same expression I have on my face in my twitter profile picture


4 responses to “Day 194 – It’s a Party!

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  1. Ahh… Fatherhood. Good job dad! nice picture too, I like the way you’ve framed it.
    And congrats about the camera, Canon customer service rocks! Or maybe it’s just our perception because they under promise and over deliver so it seems like good customer service? Either way, nice to have the camera back right?

    • Great to have the camera back. I think Canon did a great job. I understand that they have to under promise because they never know what the work load is going to be like. Of course, clearly it wasn’t too bad so yay for me!

  2. Excellent Capture !

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