Day 196 – In Search Of Begbie Falls   2 comments

While in Revelstoke a couple of weeks ago, we set out in search of Begbie Falls. The guide at the information centre recommended it and gave us general directions how to get there (follow Highway 23 south from town for about 3 kilometres, turn left on Mt. Begbie Road and follow the signs). Sounded easy enough and fit our schedule too.

Off we go. Found Mt. Begbie Road. Road tapered to a single lane and then degrades to a dirt trails. Despite our instructions, there were no signs about any waterfalls, but we pressed on. We soon came to a wider spot in the gravel road where a couple of very beat up old cars were parked with some fairly rough-looking characters hanging around the cars. They were just packing up though so after a couple of friendly nods we found ourselves on our own.

In this little car park, there’s finally a sign. Plus, there’s a map! Perfect. We all get out to check the map and find a dizzying array of hiking and biking trails all through the Begbie Falls Recreation Area. The road we’re on seems to go a little further, but there’s nothing on the map at all about waterfalls or lookouts or anything. We decided we must have missed a turn somewhere so back into the car to continue the search.

30 minutes later, we’re no closer to finding the falls, but we did happen upon this little stream just off the road along Hwy 23.



2 responses to “Day 196 – In Search Of Begbie Falls

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  1. The fun of discovering what you weren’t looking for, yeah?

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