Day 198 – Locomotion   9 comments

Back at the Revelstoke Railway Museum today and featuring one of the hulking locomotives you can get up inside.

As you may have noticed (unless you’re reading this in an RSS Reader), I’ve given the blog a facelift. I got a little tired of the old theme and how unpredictable the whole colour scheme was. Occasionally it really worked, but more often than not, the random colours were a little jarring. I also wasn’t a big fan of how all the links were buried at the bottom of the page. This new layout lets me bring my links right up to the top.

I also get to highlight some of my favourite photographers and favourite bloggers in a way that is much more obvious.


9 responses to “Day 198 – Locomotion

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  1. Nicely done. I really like the wide range of colors here. How many exposures did you compile here? And I like the face lift! I know exactly what you are saying about the Duotone theme. I got tired of it and finally went in and manually set the background to a dark gray color similar to Smugmug or the Flickr Lightbox area.

  2. Thanks Brandon. This is a combination of seven images combined using HDR Efex Pro. What I really like about this theme is that I get a nice big image and the theme uses the whole width of the page.

  3. Hi Mike, some nice HDR you got here, i too am getting a bit bored with the duotone theme and i´ve been playing around with other themes the last week (hence no posts)but none to my satisfaction,however i missed this one ,it´s got a nice layout so i´m gonna check it out now!

  4. Whoops,the required fields threw me, out some typos! correct details here!

  5. Thanks Mike-background changed! You´re lucky to live in a country that prides itself on it´s Steam (and pioneering) history,for the most part we´ve lost that here in Europe-very sad!

  6. Very impressive capture of the train, Mike. The HDR processing works really well for this shot. It brings out the details and also gives an overall fantasy feel. I like your new theme except for some reason, when I type in the comment box, I can’t see the text. I have to type my comment in Word and then cut and paste. Don’t know if it’s wordpress or me. This happens to me on a few other themes.

    • Thanks for going to the extra effort to comment. Maybe I’ll have to do a little debugging and see if I can track down the source of this issue for you…

  7. Like the new layout!

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