Day 199 – Ignoring the Warning Signs   4 comments

Looking at this view at the summit of Mt Revelstoke, it’s hard to imagine how we didn’t notice the storm coming our way. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we were caught in a short rain/hail storm at the summit and had to run for shelter. While we were mostly well prepared (warm clothes, rain gear) we didn’t really have the right footwear. As a result, we got very wet feet. Bad if we were actually on a long hike. Merely inconvenient when our car was just over 1km away.

As I was saying though, looking at this view, we might have been a little bit more wise to stay a bit closer to the shelter rather than wander off. Perhaps it was just being a bit blind to what was coming. Maybe a bit careless. But, I think I’m going to call it pure optimism. There was a bit of rain starting, but we lived in Vancouver for four years – a little rain doesn’t bother us at all!

While a little rain doesn’t bother us, a lot of rain mixed with hail does call for a little running away. For the kids, of course. Not me. You have to protect the kids. If it was just me, I would have carried on. I’m not worried about getting a little wet, but we had to look out for the kids, right? You understand.


4 responses to “Day 199 – Ignoring the Warning Signs

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  1. Nice, and great depth. I like how the landscape is made up of only green & orange. Isn’t this area one of those places you can’t really plan around the weather as storms burst out suddenly with little notice?

  2. Nice capture of the landscape Mike. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve seen some crazy and unpredictable weathers; especially up in the mountains. It can be sunny one minute and suddenly the clouds roll in fast and the temperature drops 20 degrees. Like you, I learned the hard way to respect the clouds. Glad to hear you weren’t far from the car when you got caught. Of course the kids always come first. 😉

  3. Thanks Emily. It’s funny, I’ve been away from the mountains for seven years and I need to remind myself of the basic precautions.

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