Day 200 – And For My Bicentennial Post…   3 comments

…an old truck. And, a whole lot of flowers.

This rather unusual sight presented itself north of Vernon, BC at the Log Barn. It was a bit hard to identify the primary business of the Log Barn. I’m guessing it was the food. They had fresh produce in addition to a bunch of boutique style sausage, jellies, and cheeses all at boutique prices. Outside though, there was this old truck, there was a petting zoo (you could buy feed for the animals), a picnic area, and Dave’s Goat Walk.

“What’s Dave’s Goat Walk?” you say. Well, I’m glad you asked. It’s a ramp that starts from the petting zoo and goes up to a bridge over the road. The bridge is a narrow walkway for the goats about 4 metres above the road. At each end of the bridge is a little rope and pulley system. Attached to the rope is a tin can. Beside the base of each rope is a vending machine selling feed for the goats. For 25c you get a small handful of corn which you deposit in the tin can.

The goats watch all this action very closely from above you on the bridge. As the corn rattles into the empty can, the goats at the top immediately start pulling the rope up by spinning a wheel with one of their front hooves. The tin can takes off like a rocket and deposits the corn in a feed dish at the top. The goat then sends the can back down for more with a look of expectation on its face. This sent my 10-year old into hysterics. It was clearly the funniest thing she’d ever seen in her life.

I have to admit that it was pretty funny and possibly one of the strangest road-side attractions I’ve seen.



3 responses to “Day 200 – And For My Bicentennial Post…

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  1. What an odd arrangement and wonderfully vibrant. Happy 200th!

  2. Hi Mike – great find, love the HDR here, it always goes great with rust :). I see you linked to my blog and I want to thank you for that, very much appreciate the shout out (so to speak). Best, Jim

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