Day 201 – Going Back to Salt Spring Island   5 comments

Unfortunately it’s just my blog that’s going back to Salt Spring Island, BC. Not me. I took this a few weeks ago. It’s the Ganges Harbour marina. I like the colours in this photo – they go nicely with the new blog theme don’t you think?

I was lucky for this shot. The water was very calm so there’s very little movement in the boats. This is a straight long exposure with no post-processing other than a little noise reduction to compensate for the 15sec exposure.

This turned out to be a good spot. I was across the street from one of the local hotels and some women on their way home stopped by to chat about photography. One of them was a photographer too and they gave me a great tip on a spot for sunset shots on the island. That gave me my destination for the following day and the subject for my post… tomorrow.



5 responses to “Day 201 – Going Back to Salt Spring Island

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  1. An absolutely beautiful shot.

  2. Amazingly clear! Very cool.

  3. I like the way you captured the blue tones after sunset. Nice long exposure!

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