Day 202 – Sunset at Vesuvius Beach, Salt Spring Island, BC   5 comments

As mentioned yesterday, I got a good tip from some passersby on a good spot for a sunset shot – Vesuvius Beach on Salt Spring Island. From this point on the island I’m looking across at Vancouver Island. A ferry departs from a pier about 100m to my right. Takes about 30 minutes to get to the big island from this little island.

This was an interesting little trip out. On the way over I found myself behind a car that was weaving all over the road (both sides). Toward the end of the road, this guy decided to turn around but stopped halfway through his turn and just blocked both directions of traffic while he sat there for a spell pondering life. His car was a beat-up, old sedan with “Jehovah’s Witness” spray-painted on its side. The driver sported a long, scraggly beard and long hair. From the look on his face when he slowly turned to face me, I was left wondering if he wasn’t driving under the influence (and I don’t mean alcohol).

Once I found my way to the beach, I made a fast friend in Jessie the dog. Jessie followed me from the moment I arrived and just sat at the base of my tripod as I took photos. Each time I moved, she’d come with me and settle down in my new spot. As it got late, each family eventually packed up and head out. As each group left, I was sure Jessie was going to go with them, but she stayed on. Eventually, when it was just me, Jessie and the empty beach, her owner came out from a house that overlooked the beach and took her home. I took that as my cue to go home too.


5 responses to “Day 202 – Sunset at Vesuvius Beach, Salt Spring Island, BC

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  1. Beautiful golden glow.

  2. Great shot – love the colors and composition. Great balance between bright sky and darker ground – that is one of my challenges when shooting around sunset.

  3. Fantastic, Mike and what wonderful framing & timing with the left-side sailboat under the setting sun. Perfect.

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