Day 206 – City of Festivals   3 comments

Edmonton is the “City of Festivals” and during the summer, they just keep coming. This past weekend was the Dragonboat festival. It takes place on the North Saskatchewan river, the river that bisects Edmonton into the north side and the south side. The river valley is a great spot to spend the kinder months of summer (which at this stage seems to be just August!), though apparently not at night, but that’s another story I suppose.

Dragonboaters competed all weekend in some of the best weather we’ve seen this year. This was one of the last races of the festival. The three teams are paddling vigorously up-river, which sounds a bit challenging. Seems to me it would be a fair bit nicer to paddle downstream…



3 responses to “Day 206 – City of Festivals

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  1. Nice capture Mike. I like your inclusion of the city in the composition. It gives me a better POV of the event and landscape.

  2. I like this one – great perspective and composition – and the combination of colors between boats, sky, water, and city really works well.

  3. Awesome. I love how this scene captures your attention with the boaters, and then draws your eye up to that beautiful skyline.

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